Saturday, 7 February 2009

A very hot summer

As the weather has been so unusually hot, I decided to get the boys a haircut! You should have seen them when they got home..... it must have been such a relief! Next day we went swimming....... Harley decided that he had had spent enough time swimming and had a rest on Baillie!

Baillie, Harley and Roxy..... Harley just doesn't like having his photo taken! lol


Anonymous said...

they are beautiful!! when we get our pups hair cut people are always stunned by how little he is. with hair he looks like he has a body, without the fur he is a bit like a large wet rat!!! of course, he is only a 5 pounder and nothing like your big ones! glad to have found your site through OWOH.


Sarah said...

LOL - that's the look I make when someone tries to snap me!!Giggle!being in the water looks heavenly - it's freezing here and lots of snow!! They are darling!!

Julie H said...

Harley just cracks me up. Archer looked just the same when he learnt to swim over the holidays (in a friends pool), but now he is swimming in the ocean most nights.

Gretz said...

They look so cute!