Saturday, 20 September 2008

GPP Street Team Crusade No. 23 - Clean your plate

For this Crusade Michelle has challenged us to Clean Your Plate. She has asked up to wrap up loose ends to make way for something new. Michelle also suggests that cleaning your plate can be interpreted in our own way, whether it be simply preparing our home for a new season, i.e. downunder Spring has just started, clearing out our studio, etc.

I've been in my new home for just over 12 months, and still have many, many boxes yet to unpack. Having gone back to full time work hasn't helped and putting in extra hours hasn't been condusive either!

Last weekend I started work on cleaning the kitchen and dining room.... I admit to being a hoarder and managed to throw out quite a lot of items that I was holding on to! I'm one of those people who if they happen to have a horizontal surface it is quickly filled! As my studio is still in a complete case of kaos, I tend to do a lot of my work at the kitchen bench....

I actually took a photo to show a few friends.... and the comment was... whose kitchen is that!

Also put up a new piece of art on my bedroom wall... which has been blank for way too long.

Today I also decided to grab the camera and take advantage of the great weather (hard to believe that 10 days ago we were wearing multiple layers and today a tshirt!).

I've put up some of the photos of the flowers and fruit trees in my yard.... another thing I promised to do last year and didn't....