Saturday, 24 November 2007

Saturday Posting

Here's a picture taken during the week on the way home from work. Although it was a stormy afternoon, just wanted to share the views I have to endure! lol

Although we are in a drought, where I live on the South Coast we still do manage to get our fair share of coastal showers!

Well, today is Federal Election Day. Here in Australia it is mandatory that everyone over the age of 18 vote. Failure to vote = a fine!

After taking the boys out to visit the vet (they actually love visiting Steve... and you have a hard time getting them out of the surgery!) I stopped in at the local school and had to line up for 20 mins!

Anyway, a friend and I are having a garage sale tomorrow so I am trying to sort through boxes (which haven't been unpacked for 18months since I left Sydney). I really do need to declutter..


Natalie B said...

What a breathtaking view Janine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky Lucky you....


this is ssooo beautiful janine!!!

belinda said...

yeah right ... endure!!! as if!!! how gorgeous and GREEN is it there! today it's bright and sunny here in lux, and freezing cold. winter is-a-coming