Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Fairy Princess... inspired by Suzi Blu

Well, after watching many of Suzi Blu's vlogs, I decided to get out some paints and do a canvas as a present for a friend's little one.

Didn't turn out how I'd hoped, but at least it is something. I much prefer my sketches... just cannot seem to get the acrylic painting .... might just have to try watercolours! But as I said... it is something... I just had to make do with the small number of acrylics that I could lay my hands on.... one day soon my studio will be up and running... (I hope!) lol


belinda said...

this is sooo beautiful!!! gorgeous colors and love all the details. and i loved the wolve pictures, probably hard to leave without one.

suzi blu said...

This is all acrylic? I think you handle them quite well!
I too prefer my sketches. They are more free I get so tight with the lines when I copy them. but we are all learning right?
Thank you for sharing this.

Natalie B said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! As I said in my blog, you are so talented!! Glad to see you got some time to play :-)