Saturday, 17 November 2007

GPP Network Street Team Crusade #14

Imaginary Friends - Who or What is your muse?

On Michelle's GPP Streat Team we are asked if we have a Muse, if there is someone who inspires us and our art, or what is a Muse? The definition says it's a guiding genius who motivates you. We are also asked if we have imaginary friends who visit us in our studio space?

Whilst I don't have any imaginary friends, there are a number of things that do motivate me. I too love my music, and have it playing constantly. Nature in all its forms, I have a particular passion for Cetaceans and Wolves. There really aren't any words to describe the feeling of looking into the eyes of a wild whale or a dolphin...

Also I have made a couple of visits to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Southern California over the years and had the privilege to meet Durango, a Canadian Tundra Wolf.

He is a healing and spiritual wolf and believe it or not, the image of an angel did appear on his forehead when he was sitting with me. These guys are amazing.... so much bigger in the flesh but also so gentle .... it is an amazing feeling being with them.

I think a lot of you will agree with my saying that Michelle would have to be a Muse for a lot of us. She is such a talented, sharing, caring and amazing person.... Michelle, you rock!

The last couple of years have been an adjustment, and I really haven't been able to get back into my creative space.... once I finish unpacking and decluttering I hope that will change.

In the meantime, I have at least been doing some work with glass, some of which you will find further down on this page.


michelle ward said...

Janine - thanks for the blush provoking words. Glad to have you join in on the Muse Crusade. You KNOW I'm there with you on the Music....and of course we also share the love of our aquatic friends, particularly the Orca. I can see where the things you love can become a Muse.

Natalie B said...

Such beautiful animals to have as your muse. Hope you get a chance to get back into your creative space soon... :-)

Julie H said...

Hi Janine

What a beautiful and thoughtful post. Thank you for sharing. I know you are building your stash - hopefully your mojo will flow soon.


Izabella~ said...

love your muse ;)

found your link on Michelle's blog~

thanx for sharing "what moves you"


belinda said...

janine, i love your muses, i have so many of them. never had imaginary friends either. the tundra wolf looks so beautiful and peaceful. yet i prefer to stay at distance :) i love your dichoric glass, just gorgeous!

Barone said...

Your work is beautiful. I hope you will be lead by it back into the center of your creative space. Who may some times take time and other times just a sunset is enough...I love wolves too and love listening to the audio version of Women Who Run With Wolves...Clarissa's voice adds so much depth to the reality of the wild in each of well...jodi barone