Sunday, 22 March 2009

Introducing Jessie

Jessie a 15 year old Lab X - was rescued when she was 16 weeks old...  went to live with my ex with her older adopted *sister* Corky.   Sadly, Corky is no longer with us.

Jessie has come to live with me again, and although Baillie and Harley don't mind her, they are not too sure what too make of it all!  

Jess has been an outside dog for the past 3 years, having to sleep outside ....  as she can fit through the doggy door, she now has a bed made up in the living room!  I am going to have to make some changes so that the old girl can live out the rest of her life in a home filled with love.

I have also included some photos taken many, many years ago when I visited Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Vallery, California.....  The first wolf is Apache Moon and the 2nd and 3rd is Dakota.... they are such huge creatures...  but it was an experience I will cherish...  if you get the chance.... go and meet the wolves.....

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