Sunday, 22 March 2009

Help needed from Animal Lovers

As a lot of you know, the very talented Bernie Berlin has a shelter she is trying to finish and needs our help.  A Place to Bark  is the place to visit as Bernie will be starting her yearly art auctions / fundraiser.  

In her crusade to help the animals, Bernie has been assisted by her friend Joe Frazz.
Joe is a canine photographer, dedicated to helping dogs in shelters. He donates his time and energy by helping every chance he can.   Bernie and Joe are going to be working on collaborative projects in the upcoming months.  

At this present time Joe is in a photo contest and needs the help of all animal lovers everywhere!

If you are an animal lover, would you please be so kind to pop over to   

The Day The Dogs Stood Still, A photographic journey of Life & Hope

If you love dogs, please help by taking a moment to vote.  There is no monetary cost involved, just your time.  By taking the time will make a world of difference to an animal in need.

Please spread the word!! If you have children, they too could help and together we could all make a difference!  As Bernie email says....  

"Because Life is Worth Saving at All costs.."

I've voted.... it would be great if you could too!


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