Thursday, 6 March 2008

Backyard visitors

Whilst taking a break from trying to tidy up my studio on Sunday, I managed to snap a couple of the regular visitors to my backyard.

This Kookaburra stayed for quite a while while the female King Parrot feasted on the feed and then flew off to join her mate.


Megan P said...

What beautiful visitors - do you feed them clinkers?

Cookie said...

We still have snow on the ground but expect to get above freezing today. How beautiful to see your spring visitors!

I'm making the rounds and visiting with my OWOH fellow bloggers. It is a pleasure to visit your site.

Cookie Sunshine

Anonymous said...

Hi Janine!
Love your visitors. Only wish I had some! FIL in Murwillumbah has regular kookas and he feeds them fresh meat.
Good to "see" you again!
Take care,
Barb Conroy

Sue McGettigan said...

What fab bird photos!! OK, now I'm homesick :)