Sunday, 26 June 2011

ORRCA's Annual Whale Census Day - 26 June

We have been truly blessed with such wonderful weather this weekend.  Instead of heading out to Jervis Bay to help with the Census, I headed up to Port Kembla to look for a seal that had hauled out last night.  After an unsuccessful search I headed off to Hill 60 to make the most of my time and see if I was lucky enough to view some whales.

What an amazingly beautiful spot!  The weather was perfect - usually on Census Day I absolutely freeze!  Definitely must have had something to do with investing in all the cold weather gear that I absolutely did not need!

We had 33 Humpback whales and a seal!  The first two photos are taken from our vantage point.  Sorry for the quality of the whale pics, but considering they were beyond the large island in the rear of the photo, it was the best I could do!


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