Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sub Antarctic Fur Seal

GPP Steet Team Crusade - Pay It Forward #2

If you haven't been to Michelle Ward's website, it is a must! So far (as at 21st August) 612 pink socks have been received! Oh how I would love to be at the hospital when the socks arrive!

Received another call this morning that there was a stranded dolphin at Gerroa, approximately 20mins from my place .... When I arrived found that is was in fact a seal.... a wonderful male Sub Antarctic Fur Seal.

So, another glorious day spent out in the sun on a beautiful beach with a majestic creature.

I was also lucky to encounter some more generous people who waited for me to arrive, took me to the seal, offered to stay with me and others who offered to go and get food and drink!

This guy had hauled out onto the sand and was resting. No injuries were observed and he seemed to be content sunning himself. He was just above the tide mark and everytime the waves would move up, he would move relocate up the beach a little further.

Here he is yawning.... and just look at his amazing whiskers!

Once again, this is a popular stretch of beach with many walkers and although it is not a dog friendly beach, there are still plenty of dogs off the leash!

On the way back to the car I came across another heart shaped shell - a symbol of the generosity of the people I come across!


michelle ward said...

great pictures janine. love the shell! so was this guy ok then? he didn't have to be treated or ushered back into the water? whew. thanks for sharing again with the team. makes me wonder how we can get involved with animal rescue even if we are not on a shore. food for thought.

KathrynAntyr said...

Your photos are amazing. When I take my dog to the beach, I always keep him on his leash. Reading your story, I'm so glad that I do. I've never encountered a seal on the beach but if I do, I will not worry as my Fen will be close to me.

Love the heart rock. It reminds me of my son who is always on the lookout for heart shaped rocks for me when we go to the beach.

Kim Mailhot said...

Your story and your pictures are so touching ! I can see why you would be so grateful for your job and the creatures of all kinds that you come into close contact with. Thank you for sharing your story !