Sunday, 13 January 2008

Can you believe this!!!!!!

The following article was posted on a group I am on. "101 dogs seized from "kennel hell"." In this instance the boarding/grooming kennel have let the dogs live in the most disgusting of conditions! They were raided by RSPCA and the police and the dogs have been removed.,23739,23043473-952,00.html

Someone else then posted a link in regard to a group called "BLEATS" - Bisbane Lawyers Educating and Advocating for Toughter Sentences! I think this is absolutely fabulous and is something that is long overdue. Sentences for animal abuse are appalling...... go here to check out their website

While you are there click on the link to sign the petition Support Tougher Sentences for Animal Cruelty!

Please feel free to pass on the above messages and links! Thanks!

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Latharia said...

We recently had an animal hoarder issue about 40 miles west of here ... she was hoarding a stunning number of cats, dogs, and birds. It was quite tragic. :(