Saturday, 8 September 2007

GPP Network Street Team Crusade #12

Michelle's GPP Network Street Team's latest Crusade is
"Crush on You"
Michelle asked us to confess what it is that we are infatuated with.
My latest obsession is handbags. I fell in love with a friend's Kathy Van Zeeland bag and thanks to Ebay have managed to secure some great ones!

Then there is my obsession with boots!
A girl just cannot have too many handbags, boots or shoes!

I also am rather fond of marine mammals too! Here are some pics of one of the I15 subpod taken when I was in British Columbia.

And how is this for a fluke of a photo! Didn't even realise I had taken this one!

I have always had a "thing" for swirls......
even at school I was always drawing swirls, so when I saw Michelle's ums below,
I just had to have them!

And last, but by no means least, I just adore the two little men in my life!

Baillie (Blenheim) and Harley (Tri colour)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
These two keep me on my toes..... they are into everything!


michelle ward said...

hey janine! love your purses! great subjects of CRUSH. what about chocolate covered pretzels? we BOTH forgot to mention that one :) thanks for playing girl!

michelle ward said...

p.s. i love coming here and hearing your music :P

Suzanne said...

Wow, I think I have a comment for almost everything in your post! :^)
(Except the boots--I don't "do" heels, my body could never adapt, ha ha) -- Those are some pretty cool handbags! I've never seen those before. Gotta love eBay for making "treasures" affordable (and FINDable!)! I also love the swirls and flourishes, I have a bunch of Photoshop brushes for them, as well as Michelle's stamps. Have you been to the San Juan Islands? There is a resident pod of orcas there, how awesome it was to see them in their natural environment cavorting about. Nothing like it! And lastly, your fur kids--I have two flat-coated retrievers who are very spoiled but they are such a joy. Your spaniels are such cuties!
Great post! Thanks for sharing your passions!

ArtKat said...

Love the handbags, swirls and especially the adorable doggies! (Just looking at the boots makes my pinky toes hurt, LOL!) Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog! :)

ArtKat said...
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Natalie B said...

Wow how gorgeous are those bags and boots!!

Your beautiful boys are just gorgeous. We have just welcomed a puppy into our family and she is just so delightful. A Tricolour and her name is Rosie. My children are loving her to death and she has no need to walk anywhere, as she is being carried :-)

belinda said...

you have quite a collection! and the red bag is sooooooooo yummy! and i'm impresed you can walk on these heels. the doggies are just adorable :)

HSArtgirl said...

Love that fleur-de-lis on the third bag, and those first pair of red boots are gorgeous! Wish I could walk in high heels still. Can I find 'em in a low heel???

Sue McGettigan said...

I'm with you on bags, boots, sea mammals and swirly stamps - but your fur-babies are just the cutest!!

Gretz said...
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Chris said...

Those handbags look so soft! Have you ever thought of using one to hide a bag of chocolate covered pretzels into the movie theatre?

Anonymous said...

I've been adopted by a neighbors King Charles, they are just the friendliest dogs ever...and I am not a dog person. Nice to see pictures of your babies.
I've seen the resident Orca's many times from sea and shore, amazing. We visited Port Stephens a couple of years ago and watched the migrating Grays, then saw a minke while diving on the GBR, best parts of my vacation.
Jeanette/ seattle