Friday, 27 April 2007

Wire, Aluminium Foil and Glass sculpture

I was inspired to make this after seeing an amazing sculpture made by the very talented Dee Carrington.

I designed the bodice with chicken wire, aluminium foil and glass pebbles and the instructions are in AuzzArt Zine Issue 2.
I am actually looking forward to my big move next week and being able to set up the studio and actually create again!
I had left 99% of my art items in boxes as I knew that I'd only be here for 12 months........ so am looking forward to unpacking and getting back into the swing of things!


Natalie B said...

WOW!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Debbi B said...

Hi Janine - Just found your blog (I am so out of touch!!) Your sculpture is fantastic and I expect you will feel the same way once you are all unpacked. Debbi B

Jen Crossley said...

HI Janine,I also just found your Blog hoorah I get to checkup on what your up to.Your work is amazing Love this bodice unbelievable!!