Sunday, 7 March 2010

Puppy pics

Baillie has discovered the top of the lounge! A lot of others who have CKCS have said that their dogs sit on top of the lounges all the time. Looks like Baillie figured it out last week. I came out into the lounge to see him here... and I am sure he is laughing at me.... lol

Probably one of the better pics I have been able to Add Imageget of Harley... he just doesn't like having his photo taken.

I really love cows

With all the recent rain, the grass is so green over in the valley. Sometimes it actually looks like someone has coloured it in with a green highlighter pen!

Random Pics

I have been trying to take a photo a day, but that isn't really working out! This is a Buddha that sits next door to our office.... may just have to buy him and bring him home.